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Founded on the belief that every man should feel great about the products they use, TheGroomedManCo. uses pure botanical oils in their purest form.

The range, which includes Morning Wood, Man Mint, Cloves Off and Mangrove Citrus, is produced locally in Melbourne and has been approved by the International Fragrance Association for quality and safety. Containing base oils, such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, the range delivers a long shelf life, no loss of scent, and therapeutic benefits to help improve the overall health and appearance of beards and skin. Uses all natural ingredients - no sulphates, no silicones and no animal testing.

Creating a brand that incorporates a premium product, unique customer experience, clever design and witty humour, TheGroomedManCo. is made in Australia and donates 5% of total profits to local charities.

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