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Decor Candles - Cloud

Decor Candles - Cloud

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These sculptured cloud decor candles are just dreamy and give dramatic light and shadows. Super cute and perfect as a decrative candle displayed next to your favourite treasures. 

*We don't recommend burning our little guys (Bubble and Cloud)... these ones are too small to last*.

  • Approx. 38g
  • Measuring H5cm x W7cm
  • Unscented made from 100% natural vegetable wax
  • Zinc and lead free cotton wick
  • Decor candles are made to look pretty, but if you do burn them it is important that you put a tray to collect the melted wax and watch your candle at all times
  • The colour may vary slightly
  • There may be slight imperfections

Candles are made by hand in Auckland, New Zealand