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Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica

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This very attractive plant is native to the southern Japanese islands, Korea, and Taiwan, where it grows in truly subtropical conditions. A hardy, upright plant, Fatsia can grow about six feet indoors. 

Fatsia Japonica does best with warm, humid summers alternating with a relatively cooler, drier period. However, it will die in very cold, drafty, dry conditions. It is relatively easy to grow indoors if you follow these guidelines:

  • Water: During the growing season, regular moisture is essential. During the winter, cut back water slightly. They are sensitive to sitting in water, so good drainage is important.
  • Grows: 1-3m 
  • Soil: It's not actually that picky about soil, but will often do best in a slightly acidic soil mix.
  • Fertilizer: Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. Cut fertilizer back to once a month or so in the winter.
  • Toxicity: Toxic and should not be consumed by animals or humans.