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Camel Glass Straws - 4 pack w 2 Cleaners
Camel Glass Straws - 4 pack w 2 Cleaners

Camel Glass Straws - 4 pack w 2 Cleaners

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Ever heard the saying "The last straw breaks the Camel's back?" It's an idiom that describes the accumulation of small actions that create an unsuspected and sudden reaction.

We are living in the age of convenience. We sip on a straw for 20 minutes and it ends up in our oceans for a lifetime. Every plastic straw ever made still exists. Plastic might be momentarily agreeable, but it comes at a steep price: our health, our wildlife, and our planet are all being damaged by plastic pollution. 

The Camel straw is different. We offer an eco-friendly alternative made out of borosilicate glass tubing. This is the strongest commercially available glass, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Let’s look back on our history and proudly say that New Zealand wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back, but instead, paved the way for change!


  • 4 x glass coloured straws 
  • 2 x straw cleaners 
  • Drawstring carry case
  • Length: 20cm

*packs include muliti-colours straws. Colours are at random