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Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta
Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta
Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta
Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta
Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta

Joco Utility Cup - Terracotta

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The Utility is meticulously hand-crafted from borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone and offers a variety of drinking modes for adaptive drinking on the go. Certified non-toxic, antibacterial, 100% plastic-free and designed for a lifetime of use. Every Joco purchase serves as a lifetime solution eliminating plastic and single-use waste, with the added means to retrieve and repurpose toxic plastic debris 24/7.

6oz - 177ml
12oz - 345ml 
16oz - 454ml

Utility Lid 

Wide mouth 
Wide mouth drinking with flow control. The Utility Lid is well suited for thicker beverages with adaptions removed or when faster flow is desired. The unique intake design delivers your hit when and where you need it. Taste it, don’t wear it.

Straw integration
Splash-free and intuitive integration with Joco’s straw range ensures the best straw experience yet. The Utility Lid also accommodates most other straws. 

Adaptive drinking. ft.anti-spill closure
Provided with unique componentry and built in lid storage, the Utility Lid features an anti-spill closure. Customised seal rings provide splash-free straw integration that is so dependable, reclined drinking is encouraged. Spout adaption serves liquid beyond the teeth, keeping your pearly whites, white.

  • Wide mouth drinking
  • Anti-Spill Closure 
  • Splash free straw intergration
  • 10mm straw adaption
  • Roll straw adaption
  • Spout adaption
  • Built in storage 
  • Nose dome - room for the nose


Made by artists NOT machines. The Joco studio brings together a collective of master artisans. Using their carefully honed skill sets to deliver meticulously crafted designs with unwavering quality and personal touch. Each and every product has been treated as an individual art piece and is made just for you.

  • Artisan Blown
  • Thermal shock & etch resistant
  • Thermal silicone sleeve 
  • Architechture for the perfect pour
  • For use with and without the lid
  • Non-porous and antibacterial 
  • Stain and odor resistant