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Organic Vegan Soap Gift Box
Organic Vegan Soap Gift Box

Organic Vegan Soap Gift Box

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Beautifully packaged in a biodegradable gift box. This selection of four vegan soap bars includes Salt, Coconut, Castile and Wake-up.

Salt - A beautifully fragranced lather-rich hand cleanser to remove dirt, grime and odour. Loaded with certified organic lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Coconut - Your total body cleanser. Ideal for clearing up acne and keeping you smelling fresh. Infused with tea tree essential oil, a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial with a clean scent.  

Castile - Wonderfully gentle, yet multi-purpose cleanser. Naturally hydrating, while suitable for skin with eczema or psoriasis. Even ideal for washing hair! Unperfumed and uncomplicated.

Wake-up - Your revitalising wake up call. Combines essential oils and exfoliating poppy seeds to invigorate your senses and gently wake up your skin.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Handmade in NZ 


'Whale Road' is an acknowledgement of the wisdom of nature and the road we must take as conscious consumers to preserve what's left of nature and our planet. They've taken the time to perfect their range, checking every ingredient, fine-tuning the process and choosing the most environmentally-conscious packaging they can find.

This has driven Whale Road to develop the best-quality handmade organic products.  Products which are gentle, yet powerful on the skin, and light on our beautiful, yet fragile, environment.