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Safety Razor - Copper
Safety Razor - Copper
Safety Razor - Copper
Safety Razor - Copper

Safety Razor - Copper

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The CaliWoods Copper Razor - Say hello to luxurious low-waste shaves when you add the Cali Beauty Copper Razor to your bathroom routine. Beautiful for your eco-luxe bathroom!

The last razor you will ever buy! Completely plastic-free and makes shaving a breeze. 

  • 1 x Copper Stainless Safety Razor 
  • (Also available in Classic Stainless)
  • 5 x Stainless Steel Blades 
  • 1 x Blade Return Envelope 

Why you will LOVE the Cali Copper Razor:

  • PLASTIC FREE. No more disposable plastic shavers filling our landfills and oceans - just replace the blades.
  • UNISEX! Great for everyone. Face, legs, underarms, bikini - this Safety Razor can shave everywhere. 
  • REFILL BLADE PACKS available at a super affordable price. You can order these on auto-ship where you choose the delivery period based on hair type and shaving frequency. 
  • SIMPLICITY. Our Razors are a simple screw mechanism and two top holding plates - super durable with less parts that can break compared to a butterfly razor.
  • BLADE TAKE BACK. We take back your blades. Use, Dry, Post, Repurpose. Once you have 40 or more blades, simply post them back to us. We accept them even if they are from another brand. Considering the end-of-life of a product and closing the waste loop is part of our product stewardship - getting the good stuff going here in NZ.
  • REPLACEMENT PARTS. We offer Cali Razor Replacement Parts. We are serious about creating products that last for ages and giving customers the right to repair. If anything should ever happen to your Razor, or you loose a part, we have the separate pieces available via email order.
TOP TIP: Use gentle pressure - let the weight of the razor do the work for you!