Trio of Feathers - Copper
Trio of Feathers - Copper

Trio of Feathers - Copper


Feathers in copper to warm the heart

This gorgeous necklace features a trio of customised, recycled copper feathers.

In New Zealand Maori mythology birds are very special and are the messengers of the Gods?  Eagles, Harriers and native owls pass between the worlds of man and the Gods along spiritual paths.  As a result, Maori consider birds sacred.

As a tribute to our birds and our own inherent spirituality the artist Sonia Therese, has created this stunning Copper Trio of Feathers.  Each feather is individually hand stamped on both sides with inspirational and motivational words.  For you, this necklace is a reminder that you can access the sacred and the spiritual.  In addition, you can also tap into the wisdom of your ancestors.

This necklace features 3 precious feathers in recycled copper.  Each feather measures approximately 5cm (2 inches) long and comes strung on a 60cm stainless steel chain.

  • Material: Copper 
  • Words: Aroha – Love, Whanau – Family, Kia Kaha – Strength