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Taupo District

Two weeks in and the sun is still shining in the beautiful Lake Taupo District. The grass is still growing, the birds are still singing…and we have time to watch it all unfold. Hard to believe that behind all that Mother Nature has on show, there’s an evil lurking ever present. We need to spend our days trying to adapt to this topsy turvy world we all now inhabit, whilst maintaining a sense of positivity at the same time as acknowledging those that are struggling.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of it all – and here at Spacecraft we understand what so many people and businesses are going through…the core of our business is YOU…the people that we see every day, that we interact with online….and WE MISS YOU ALL !

Some say this Lockdown is good because it gives us time to think.

Some say it’s bad because it gives us time to think.

We say, hang in there. When it’s all over, we will be back. We will be ready to greet you instore with a smile and a shared story. We will pick up where we left off….and because we’ve had time to think, we will be a tiny bit better for it.

Stay safe everyone x

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  • Robyn Pike

    Well done , appreciate your note, this is what is so good about our small businesses in taupo , you care about your customers . I for one will certainly be back to support you . All the best , Robyn

  • Daphne

    Great reading it made we want to visit you after the lockdown… cheers

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