At Spacecraft we believe that everybody must do their part in being sustainable. Sustainability is vital for our planet. We have a strong sustainable focus and our philosophy is based on three pillars, sustainable products, sustainable business and sustainable communities.

We seek out products that are environmentally friendly and are made sustainably, we consider the life cycle of a product, its packaging, the materials it is made from, how it is made, all before it even enters our store.

We run our business in the most sustainable fashion we can, we reuse or recycle packaging, we choose sustainable products in our business operations and we offset our carbon emissions every year by supporting Verified Carbon Standard Community Projects. 

We support sustainable communities through our support of initiatives such as Make Give Live, we run a group making knitted hats for the Taupo community. We work with fledgling businesses and artists to develop and grow their businesses.

This is us in a nutshell and it is at the essence of every decision we make in our business. We are small but together we can make a big difference.