Lockdown Blog 2

Lockdown Blog 2

3 weeks in and the new normal is starting to feel, well….normal.  My bodyclock has adjusted to sleeping in that little bit later. My usual get-up-and-go routine has become a little bit more sit-and-think-about-it. I guess this is the body’s way of coping with change.

One change I’ve noticed though is that the absurd stockpiling of “essential items” at the supermarket has slowed considerably…thank goodness!  I’m proud to say that I was never one of those crazy people that fought for toilet paper in the aisles, or rushed to the cleaning shelves in an attempt to fill my bathroom cupboards with enough hand sanitiser to clean the whole of Taupo.

This week, however, as I sat in the car while my other half did the weekly shopping, I had a silent chuckle to myself as the lady waiting for her husband in the car next to me chastised him for arriving back at the car with a 20kg sack of flour. From what I could gather there was only 2 of them in their bubble, and the prospect of trying to sift through that much flour was proving an impossible feat for her. After the “why?” and “what were you thinking?” questions passed (in reality there were a few other words uttered between them but these cannot be printed), they loaded the sack into the back of their car and drove away – no doubt to pull out the Edmonds Cookbook upon their arrival at home. With a smile on my face I turned to see my own trolley arriving alongside our car, complete with the very same 20kg bag of flour! The same questions ensued (with the same expletives) and a now familiar scenario repeated itself. Needless to say, the Edmonds Cookbook has been a true lifesaver during these strange and trying times. Not only for the endless recipes that call for flour, but for the familiar pleasures it brings just seeing a book that, no matter what is going on in the world, will always feel normal.

The Cinnamon Pinwheel Scones were a recipe from Taupo local - Just a Mum - check them out! Delicious!


And to revisit Edmonds recipes check out - https://edmondscooking.co.nz/recipes/

Happy baking everyone  





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  • Daphne Reed

    Love your story telling 😃

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