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August 2021

As the sun rises on yet another day of Lockdown I clamber out of bed, eat a plateful of French toast (made with stale raisin bread that’s about to go mouldy) lathered in fake maple flavoured syrup. Throwing on my trusty sweat pants and slightly grubby looking sweatshirt I flick on my computer to troll though Facebook and Trade Me to look at all the pretty things I can buy without having to leave the comfort of my home. And lo and behold (I’m sure my computer is watching me) a quote from Karl Lagerfeld - who was the creative director at Chanel - appears telling me that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought sweatpants”. Well, I have news for you Karl…I’m totally in control so I’m going to turn my computer off and watch morning TV instead! Take that!!

Fashion Guru Karl Lagerfeld  NZ model Colin Mathura-Jeffrey   

On with the TV and straight away I’m confronted with a story about how NZ Fashion Week has been postponed. There in all his male glory is NZ model Colin Mathura-Jeffrey looking like he just stepped out of Vogue (maybe he’s been watching me somehow too??) who goes on to say that he NEVER wears sweatpants because he has great legs so why would he. Well, Colin, this is the EXACT same reason I don’t wear gloves. So there.

So it got me thinking…do we need to take pride in our appearance when we are in lockdown? When only our bubble, plus a few hundred others in the masked queues at Pak’n Save, will see us?  I’d like to say no. But maybe we should. I will admit to wearing old sweatpants all day as I attempt to do some DIY and housework, and then changing into my newer sweatpants to drink my $13 bottle of Shiraz at 5pm (ok, maybe 4.30). But if I actually take a look at fashion in NZ at the moment, I can wear something just as comfortable as sweats whilst raising the bar ever so slightly higher.

Take a look at some of the awesome brands that we stock…Elk, Briarwood, Staple & Cloth, ReCreate to name just a few…they do amazing designs in incredible fabrics that lift you out of the “don’t really give a toss” basket and place you ever so stylishly in the “I made the effort” one. And, if you think that no one else will get to see you, then buy something from us and the courier is bound to smile when they turn up with your parcel and see you made an effort just for them.

Yours in fashion

Spacecraft Spacecadet

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  • Jo

    Love this! It is so an ‘issue’, albeit a first world one!! I don’t actually own any sweat pants as I have resisted and resisted (my opinions totally in tune with Mr Lagerfeld!) but they keep appearing in my feed as being totally on trend and cool, so much so I am wavering! It guess some nice ones have to be better than my current goto outfit- old clothes/gardening gear??!!!

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