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August 2021

The sudden announcement of Level 4 lockdown sent me into spin…..not because I hadn’t done my grocery shopping…..and not because I had finished the last bottle of wine in my house the night before….and not because I would be locked up with 2 teenagers….but because I had hundreds of plant babies at Spacecraft that I had to abandon!!! Those of you who know Spacecraft know we love our plants and the thought of leaving them behind for an unknown time terrified me. There was no way I could fit 145 plants into my house let alone my mini to get them there!!!

But at nearly 2 weeks in I can rest easy. Luckily at Spacecraft we have a team of green-fingered plant lovers who know exactly what to do. Our jungle of greenery is just thriving without us. We are so fortunate to have the perfect conditions in our store for all of them to thrive whether we are there or not….our own little atrium of amazingness!!

So don’t let the experts confuse you. When it comes to looking after houseplants it’s not that hard. And with lockdown well and truly underway what a better time to give your plants some love and attention. I am no expert but I do think you need to attend to your plants needs as you would your friends. Do they need some fresh air, a little drink, some pampering, and a little walk around the house to a new spot? 

Spacecraft Plants and Planters

So for a few basic tips…

- The greatest threat to houseplants is overwatering!  Don’t water just because it’s Monday or just to get it over with. Nearly any plant that has any moisture at the surface of the soil, or feels heavy in its plastic container, does not need watering. If you’re not sure stick your finger into the top of the soil and feel if it’s damp. Simple! Of course there are always exceptions to this rule. There are a small minority of plants that do not like it dry (mostly ferns) but for most drying out is the best way to avoid overwatering.

Repotting - It’s best not to repot your green friends unless they are very root-bound. And how do you tell this?  If the plant is still in a plastic pot you can squeeze hard around the base. If the plant is root-bound, it will be stiff, if not, it will squash. Soil acts as an insulator for the roots which will promote healthy growth. So check your plants now because it’s nearly Spring, the perfect time to give them a boost for the growing season.  And always use a good quality INDOOR PLANT MIX. If you are unable to repot then feeding your plants to revitalise the soil is also a great idea.

Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good too. Who doesn’t want to boost their mood and creativity, reduce their stress and have cleaner air in their homes? WE ALL DO RIGHT? SO…get in there and tend to your plant babies during lockdown! I am super excited to see how much our Spacecraft jungle has grown through lockdown. Imagine the amazing plants we will have available when we open our doors again in Level 3!

Until then be kind (especially to your green friends)….. And check out our online store for your next plant baby adoption or a cool planter to spruce up your home!

Jo M.
Spacecraft Spacecadet


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