Meet the Team!

Hey there, this is Jo,

We have decided we are going to take turns to write a post for our blog section so it may get a bit random.... quite the norm at Spacecraft.

I realised that we have never actually posted a photo of the team... heaps of products and cool stuff, but not us! Very remiss. So here goes, this is us, Sue is the one in black, Sarah is wearing just a little bit of black, Liz has a vee of black and Jo is wearing heaps of black! This is quite funny because we didnt actually send out a memo to wear black, we just did... normally we embrace colour so it was out of character!! Anyway Im the one with grey hair and earrings in the front, Liz is breaking the rule and wearing mustard, Sarah is peeping through from the back, and Sue has the dark curly hair!

So thats the crew. 

Hope you enjoy our updates.

Cheers Jo. xx

Spaecraft Team


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