Mother’s Day - How Do You Celebrate?

Happy Mother's Day

You know what day is on the horizon when you start seeing all those ads on TV with dad and the kids delivering Mum breakfast in bed with a handmade card. All very well if you’ve got kids, a husband to help out, and the luxury of staying in bed all morning. Which many of us have, but so many of us don’t.

These days it seems that the tradition of Mother’s Day, whilst still being a day to celebrate all mums, has changed its shape over the years. There are many people that aren’t a mum, or don’t have a relationship with their mum. Or there’s those of us that wish our mum was still around. Maybe yours is too far away for you to visit, or you can’t even pick up the phone for a chat. Perhaps you’re a mum to a fur-baby (lucky you!!). Or you’re a Plant mum (this is absolutely a thing now!). The options are endless… really it’s a day to celebrate women and motherhood, and for that occasion we’ve got you covered!!

Give Mum A Spacecraft Plant!

So, what does your perfect Mother’s Day look like?

To be honest, I’d rather curl up on the couch under my Palliser Ridge blanket for the whole day, only moving to soak in a bathtub filled with the divine Apothecary bath salts but maybe you’re the one who gets up early, throws on your Moke activewear & Afends socks & hat, then fills your Frank Green water bottle and heads out into the fresh air for some peace and quiet. Or does it involve inviting your entire whanau over to have lunch together, served up on your stunning range of Bordallo plates and platters. You’ve read through all of your cookbooks and you’ve set the table for a feast…decorating with beautifully coloured placemats, harmie vases, XOX Floral fresh flowers, and candles.

For a lot of people it means getting in the car and heading off to visit your own mum with a carefully selected gift – a scarf, some gloves, a plant, or a piece of art, knowing full well that no matter what you’ve bought her she will love it.  Or maybe you’re working all day and looking forward to getting home, making yourself a quick G&T with our infusers before heading out for dinner with your family or friends in your new outfit, with your gorgeous new handbag and boots.

Whatever you’re doing, however you’re celebrating Motherhood in all its forms, make sure it's what YOU want to be doing. Because even if you’re not marking the occasion in the “traditional” way, we reckon the reason we are all here is because of a Mum somewhere along the way, and that’s got to be a reason for celebrating.

Article By Sarah Hetherington 

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed

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