Spacecraft & ELK Supporting Circular Fashion

Spacecraft and ELK Supporting Circular Fashion

This September Spacecraft & ELK were proud to sponsor The Pop Up Pre Owned Clothing Boutique event - a super fun night out celebrating sustainable fashion and supporting our local community. Raising money for the local Waipahihi Kindy, ticket holders enjoyed bubbies & nibbles and left with a bag full of pre-loved clothes, giving them a new life! Yay!!

Spacecraft were a collection point for pre-loved clothes in the lead up to the event, and boy did we see bags and bags of clothes dropped off! It's so good to see these quality clothes getting a second shot! And we loved seeing them fly out the door to new owners on the night! 

Spacecraft & ELK contributed an epic $750 ELK shopping spree, which was raffled on the night, raising funds for the outdoor playground at the kindy. And we were please to welcome Barbara instore after the event to go wild choosing her new ELK outfit.......and it was a winner!

Pop Up Clothing Boutique 2023

ELK's Commitment To Conscious Fashion
ELK has a strong ethical foundation, with a commitment to transparency along all stages of their operations and production process. They are committed to sourcing products and materials responsibly, with respect for people, animals and the planet. 

As part of this they ensure the living wage for makers, have high standards for safe, fair and inclusive workplaces, and with a focus on natural or lower impact materials the business continues to seek better alternatives for fibres, production, distribution, circular solutions and waste. 

They encourage good care of their products and have tutorials & tips for repairing garments, leading to a longer life. 

To support this ELK produce an annual Transparency Report which holds them accountable for achieving their goals and the decisions they make. You can check out their latest report here.

Elk Winner at Spacecraft

Twins! ELK Shopping Spree Winner Barbara at Spacecraft (with Jo) Choosing Her New Outfit & Handbag.

Circular Fashion
So what is Circular Fashion, you ask? It's about breaking away from the traditional linear "take-make-dispose" fashion model and moving towards a more sustainable approach. ♻️ 

Instead of tossing out those old clothes, focus on:

  1. Reduce: Let's buy less, but better quality items that stand the test of time. Investing in timeless pieces reduces the need for constant replacements.
  2. Reuse: Don't just toss it, give it a new life! Swap, share, or donate clothes you no longer need. One person's pre-loved treasure is another's style statement.
  3. Recycle: When items are truly worn out, make sure to recycle them responsibly. Many brands are now using recycled materials to create new fashion pieces.

🌱 Circular Fashion isn't just a trend; it's a mindset shift that supports sustainability and minimises waste. By embracing this concept, we're not only looking fabulous but also contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come. 🌿

So, next time you're considering a fashion haul, think about the positive impact you can make by choosing circular fashion. Let's dress responsibly and inspire others to do the same! 

Spacecraft works with some amazing responsible brands trying to make a difference in a fashion conscious world - ELK, ReCreate, AfendsDuffle & Co and Matt & Nat among a few. Let's show our support when we make our choices at the till. 


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