Stocking socks from BlueQ and Ortc Clothing Co - These are the ultimate Gift. There has got to be a sock for even the most difficult person to buy for! You will probably find so many cool socks that you won't even want to give them away!


BlueQ have been creating stuff for the past 30 years, stuff that is fun, sometimes inappropriate and we love it!! Supporting Doctors Without Borders, there is a serious caring side to the company that just resonates with us at Spacecraft.

We also stock the more dignified and refined socks form Ortc Clothing Co.

Ortc Clothing Co was created in Adelaide, South Australia by long time friends, Charlie Hender and William Swale. Inspired by their Mothers' involvement in the retail industry, they decided to combine their passion for business and fashion in order to create a sophisticated and timeless brand that encapsulated style: A brand that could be enjoyed by their Friends and their Fathers'. 

Enter our Sock Collection at Your Own Risk - This Collection is not for the feint hearted or sensitive types!!