It’s The Great Easter Question

Spacecraft Easter

Easter is here and in our gorgeous Spacecraft shop on the shores of Lake Taupo, we can feel the excitement rising amongst our customers. We guess that’s partly due to one of 3 main reasons:

It’s a holiday! And this year, if you have school-aged kids, it’s the start of a 2-week holiday. As we all know, the dates for Easter change every year (don’t ask why – all I know is that sometimes it’s in March, sometimes it’s in April – and my calendar will alert me as to when each year), and this year it just happens to be the first weekend of the school holidays, giving an extra day to either relax (as most shops aren’t open on Good Friday) or sit in traffic somewhere en route to a break away. And heaven knows we all need a break…the last 2 years has been challenging in many ways. So being able to escape for a change of scenery has never felt so good. And for many, it will be the first time they have boarded a flight to catch up with loved ones.

Chocolate and Hot X Buns! If ever we needed a reason to convince ourselves that its ok to scoff unbelievable amounts of chocolate, then this is it! For some reason the fact that the chocolate in question is shaped like a bunny or an egg, it makes it all ok to eat copious amounts. Likewise Hot X Buns…carb limits are gone for one weekend a year. And lashings of butter are almost compulsory!

It’s a time to reconnect with something. Whether its your religion, your inner well-being, your family, your surroundings or all of the above, Easter is a time for everyone to chill just a bit and take it all in. Even those of us that work in retail and maybe don’t have weekend days off, still find ourselves smiling when we see kids in store looking lovingly at our selection of Maileg bunnies, and adults are stocking up on House of Chocolate Easter Eggs and Egg Cozys by Pashom. And we can go home happy in the knowledge that there will be many excited little faces partaking in an Easter Egg hunt in the days to come.

After all, a sense of community, wellbeing and an appreciation for life is what Easter is really about…the chocolate, the buns and the relaxed craziness is just an added bonus.

.......But that doesn’t stop us asking The Great Easter Question - what do you get most excited about? Easter Eggs or Hot Cross Buns!..........Pitch your view below!

Happity Hoppity Easter from the Spacecraft Team

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