The Joy Of Online Shopping

The Joy Of Online Shopping

Have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes when you click BUY NOW on a website owned by a small independently owned NZ shop? Probably not. And that’s ok. We totally understand that you will hit the final send button to confirm your purchase and then sit back eagerly awaiting a courier to turn up in a day or two (or a week at this crazy festive season!).

Over the years our online store has grown….and so has our online audience! And Christmas time, combined with lockdowns and restrictions, has seen online shopping surge for everyone.

But let me tell you – when you make that online purchase from us, no matter how big or small, we do a happy dance. Literally.  There’s actual fist pumping going on. And the excitement doesn’t stop there. You see for some reason every time you buy something from us we get a “ka-ching” sound come over our instore music. Like an old-school cash register. I don’t think the customers ever hear it. But we have finely tuned ears that pick up this tiny sound amongst all the instore noise and we smile. We automatically turn around to look at the other staff members to make sure they’ve heard it too. And the smiles widen further. Then the real fun begins!

We rapidly jump on our computers to see what’s been bought. We’ve even been known to take bets as to what we think it might be (we’re usually wrong!). And then we look to see where its going? Is it local? Maybe it’s a couple of towns away, maybe the South Island, or even overseas. Our brains start conjuring up some scenario whereby we try to work out if it’s a gift or its something personal. Is it a birthday? Or more likely Christmas at this time of year. Is it parents buying for their daughter or son in England? Is a young guy buying for his new girlfriend (who’s been dropping hints for weeks)? Is it grandma getting toys for the grandchildren that she can’t see this year? Or is it YOU buying for yourself because you absolutely need it?

We think about all of this. We seriously do. And then we wrap it. And write you a note. And they’re all handwritten by one of us, with words of happiness and feelings of gratitude towards you. We bundle it up, contact the courier and see it fly out the door to its destination. And then we do another little smile. Because you just supported us in the best way possible during these Covid times. You never gave up on us, you spent time with us virtually, you liked what you saw on our website or our social media, and you let us know by making that purchase.

So we just wanted to let you know that we love you for it. Truly. And we’re doing a happy dance in store to show it.

p.s. If you want to see some of our happy dancing, then take a look at our website for Christmas inspiration, grab yourself some awesome gifts, and then watch us groove with happiness behind the counter.

Click here for shopping! And to initiate the happy dance :-)


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