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Epipremnum Aureum "N'Joy"
Epipremnum Aureum "N'Joy"
Epipremnum Aureum "N'Joy"
Epipremnum Aureum "N'Joy"

Epipremnum Aureum "N'Joy"

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A very pretty variegated foliage, with leaves displaying many streaks and blotches of green, white, and gray coloration.

It works well in a hanging basket, as a desktop plant with the stems trailing over the sides of the container, or in a pot with a totem so the stems can attach and climb the post. As with other Pothos plants, 'NJoy' prefers a bright, indirect light to partial shade. Direct sunlight will damage the leaves. Low light will cause the variegation to fade. It will grow well under a fluorescent light source, making it an excellent choice for offices.

This plant prefers a well-draining potting medium. Keep the soil moist, but let it dry between waterings. It does well in both bright and lower-light situations and thrives in high humidity.

*Purchased plant may vary slightly from product picture 
To keep your plant looking full and bushy the occasional trim of the vine is required.
  • Light: Requires medium to bright, indirect light, to maintain the defined variegated swirls. Can tolerate low light levels.
  • Water: Likes moist soil - not too wet not too dry.
  • Soil: A well draining potting mix is recommended. 
  • Fertiliser: Every six months with a general indoor plant fertiliser. 
  • Toxicity: Toxic and should not be consumed by animals or humans.