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Greening Taupo Donation

Greening Taupo Donation

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Why not add $3 onto your purchase at Spacecraft and buy a tree for Greening Taupo! That’s all it takes to help out! 

Building healthy neighbourhoods by increasing the greenery in our community and promoting green urban development is good for people, business and the environment. 

Greening Taupo was established to improve the Taupo environment for the people and native wildlife—it's an opportunity to participate in a community conservation initiative.

With the fourth planting season completed, there’s visible evidence of their many successful projects and room for a whole lot more. $3 buys a tree that Greening Taupo & Kids Greening Taupo can use in one of their community planting days allowing our native bird and wildlife to flourish in our district.

Let's make a difference!